Culinary innovation from the vineyard to the kitchen.

Hestan Vineyards in Gordon Valley, CA

Award-winning innovation. Purpose-built performance.

As a company, Hestan is built upon a shared love of food and innovation. We believe the kitchen is a place of collaboration and celebration. This is evident in the name “Hestan” itself – a blend of founders Helen and Stanley Cheng’s names. For it was their passion for exceptional food and wine that brought together the extended Hestan family of chefs, vintners, designers and engineers.

After pioneering nonstick cookware in the 1970s, Stanley Cheng’s inventive spirit led him to the commercial kitchen. Then Hestan changed the game for outdoor cooking. And now, the home kitchen. Above all, Helen, Stanley and the Hestan team delight in the details of cooking – celebrating and elevating every nuance of the culinary experience.

Our Team

The Hestan team spent years working with – and listening to – acclaimed chefs.  Then they reinvented the restaurant kitchen with thoughtful innovation built around the way chefs really cook.  That same spirit of culinary innovation has now defined the luxury kitchen and outdoor cooking with unparalleled performance.

Hestan Emeritus

Hestan is a true team. As we have grown, some our staff have risen to forever shape our culture and success. We honor their legacy of wisdom, commitment and team spirt with Hestan Emeritus.

Hestan Vineyards


Hestan’s limited-release wines offer an award-winning and distinct taste of the Napa Valley.



Hestan is reinventing the restaurant kitchen with award-winning innovation and American-made durability.



Hestan delivers chef-proven performance to the home with unrivaled power, exceptional control and thoughtful technology.



Built in California from superior-grade materials, Hestan Outdoor introduces a new level of performance to the backyard.



Handcrafted in Italy to the highest standards of fit and finish, Hestan Cookware delivers revolutionary performance and lasting beauty.

Smart Cooking

Smart Cooking

Hestan Cue helps you become a better cook with smart cookware, induction burner and recipe app working in unison.

  1. Longitudinal Modular Salamander
    Tri-Ferrous French Top

  2. Longitudinal Modular Salamander
    Tri-Ferrous French Top

  3. Circuflame Sealed Burner

  4. Outdoor Grills
    Best in Show

  5. Outdoor Grills

  6. Outdoor Grills

  7. Pass-through Convection Oven

  8. Outdoor Grills

  9. Indoor Living Suite
    48" 5-Burner Dual Fuel Range

  10. Outdoor Grills

  11. 24" Wine Cellar

  12. 48" Dual Fuel Range
    with 12" Griddle

  13. Hestan 36" 5-Burner Dual Fuel Range

  14. Most Innovative Company
    of the Year

  15. Smart Gas Rangetop

  16. American Business

  17. 72” Ensemble Refrigerator

  18. 30” Dual Fuel Range

  19. All Gas Range

  20. 48-Inch Dual Fuel Range and
    Ensemble Refrigeration Suites

  21. Most Innovative Company of the Year

  22. 2021 Silver American Business Award

  23. Hestan 48” All Gas Range
    with 12” Griddle

  24. Hestan 18″ Freezer Column

Cooking Is A Celebration Of Details.

“From ingredients to temperature, every detail colors your food. Cook thoughtfully, and every nuance dances on the plate. Hestan’s engineers understand this. That’s why you’ll find Hestan in my kitchens at The French Laundry, Per Se, Bouchon Yountville, The Surf Club Restaurant and La Calenda. Every hinge, burner and knob is designed to enhance performance; every intuitive innovation is built around the chef.”

Thomas Keller
Thomas Keller