Ruffoni Mini Prima

Each piece of Ruffoni is handcrafted in a family-owned workshop in the Italian Alps. From the hand-hammered copper and cast-brass handles to the elegant design cues, the attention to detail is masterful. While copper delivers exceptional conductivity from your heat source, the interior is lined with durable nonreactive tin.

  • 0.24qt Mini Saucepan

    SKU: 8032622864427

  • 0.28qt Low Saucepan

    SKU: 8032622864434

  • 0.41qt Small Saucepan

    SKU: 8032622864441

  • 0.47qt Low Saucepan

    SKU: 8032622864472

  • 6.25" Frying Pan

    SKU: 8032622864489

  • 0.61qt Mini Pot with Lid

    SKU: 8032622864465

  • 0.65qt Mini Casserole with Lid

    SKU: 8032622864458

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