George Orness, President/Senior Foodservice Design Consultant for Orness Design Group, believes collaboration is the heart of the kitchen. He brings clients in as part of the design team alongside architects, engineers, contractors, technology and construction. This thoughtful approach has most recently led to two stunningly distinctive Hestan Commercial kitchens: Chef Andrew Bachelier’s Jeune et Jolie in Carlsbad, CA, and Chef Jason McLeod’s Morning Glory in San Diego, CA.
What inspires you today in restaurant design?
Working with restaurateurs to develop their new concepts and assisting them in attaining their vision. We’re always inspired by the challenges that each project brings. It’s very gratifying to walk alongside our clients through the process and see the completed facility go into operation.
Morning Glory – Photo: Jake Orness; Design: Orness Design Group
What kitchen trends do you see for 2019 and beyond?

We’re seeing more chefs using solid fuel (Josper style) cooking, and more interest for French tops and island suites.

Jeune et Jolie – Photo: Jake Orness; Design: Orness Design Group
What should someone take into consideration when designing their commercial kitchen?
The number one factor is budget. It’s very important to have an initial budget in mind before design can start. Other factors are quality, dependability and space allocation. Lastly, matching the equipment to the menu and anticipated volume.
What are the qualities your customers look for in the appliances they choose?
Cost is usually number one. Ease of operation, dependability, cleanability, service, life span and also energy efficiency.
How do you think Hestan is changing the game in the restaurant industry?
Hestan did their homework. They identified many problem areas with range lines and developed solutions such as sealed burners pans, sealed burners, heavy-duty control knobs, stainless steel frame works, stainless steel insulated oven bases, highest temperature rated French tops and customization.
Morning Glory – Photo: Jake Orness; Design: Orness Design Group
How has Hestan improved the efficiency and/or performance of your customers’ kitchens?
I think the modular system is significant. This allows for easy lineup changes. The water bath option below the burners is a great feature that chefs really like. It makes for easy cleaning and eliminates the build up of food in the burner box. The ability to curb mount and seal to wall eliminates food from falling behind and below the cook line.
Which are your favorite signature Hestan colors?
Grove (green) and Citra (orange).
Check out the full albums of Jeune et Jolie and Morning Glory here.

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