Completely customize your Hestan kitchen with these options and accessories to create your dream kitchen.

Risers and Shelves


Standard Features

  • Heavy-gauge welded body construction
  • Patent-pending durable attachment design to allow complete horizontal movement of the shelves along the length of the riser
  • Stainless front and sides
  • Lift-off flue cap for easy cleaning
  • Mounts to all Hestan rangetop models
  • Wall mount shelves available from 12″ to 48″ wide
  • Available in four different heights: island trim (IT), low riser (LR), mid riser (MR) and tall riser (TR)
  • Island trim ideal for island suite installations to minimize blocking of views
  • Mid riser and tall risers available with shelves:
    • Heavy-duty, stainless steel (solid or tubular) welded removable shelf inserts for easy cleaning
    • Solid or tubular shelves are interchangeable
    • Fully welded shelf end caps for shelf support
    • Removable shelf end caps for easy cleaning
    • Ability to place shelves anywhere on the line
  • Tall risers are available with single or double shelves
  • 22″ vertical clearance from closest shelf to cooking surface
  • Horizontal stiffener for maximum support and rigidity, standard on all risers
  • Standard size of shelves from 12″ to 48″ wide


Optional Features

  • Custom widths of risers and shelves
  • Stainless steel back
  • Pot filler attachment
  • Electrical outlet

Model Numbers


Specs (PDF)