Our Ready-Made collection of products ships within 3-5 days from your order. Salamander down? Oven door won’t stay shut? Really ready to upgrade your kitchen? Choose from a variety of ranges, ovens, rangetops, French tops, salamanders, cheesemelters, griddles and charbroilers. Get exceptional performance, exceptionally fast. ReadyMade is available only in the 36″ models.

How To Order:

  • Please have your dealer clearly mark for "Hestan Ready Made Program."
  • Terms subject to change.

Ready-Made Standards:

  • Charbroiler with cast-iron grates and stainless steel radiant only.
  • Stainless steel exterior finish only.*
  • 9” tall low flue riser.*
  • 4.5” plate shelf.*
  • Intended for orders of less than 4 pieces of product only.*

Availability and Shipping:

  • Add 1 - 2 additional ship days for LP units, or for elevations above 2,000 feet.
  • Quantities higher than 2 per SKU may result in adjustment in lead time.
  • Free freight in the continental US on orders over $6,000 net (special delivery services not included).

Please Specify:

  • Natural gas (NG) or liquid propane (LP).
  • Legs or casters.
  • Inter-plumb kit (AHIP) available for range-mount salamander and cheesemelter.
  • All rangetops offered are also available as countertop models - simply add 4" countertop leg kit (AHCL).

*Consult factory for other options; extended lead times may be applicable.

Please be advised that the Hestan Ready-Made Program will not allow any customization or modification to the products listed. If your order includes other products that are not on this list, the schedule/availability will be affected.

Get Ready-Made
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Model Description
HOP366/HSOP36 36″ Range – Open Burner Rangetop with Standard Oven
HOP366/HCOP36 36″ Range – Open Burner Rangetop with Convection Oven
HSP366/HSOP36 36″ Range – Sealed Burner Rangetop with Standard Oven
HSP366/HCOP36 36″ Range – Sealed Burner Rangetop with Convection Oven
HOP366 36″ Rangetop – Open Burner
HSP366 36″ Rangetop – Sealed Burner
HSOP366 36″ Oven – Standard
HCOP366 36″ Oven – Convection
HUCOD 38″ Single Upright Convection Oven – Double Glass
HUCOD2 38″ Double Upright Convection Oven – Double Glass
HSMR36 36″ Salamander – Range Mount
HSMW36 36″ Salamander – Wall Mount
HCMR36 36″ Cheesemelter – Range Mount
HCMW36 36″ Cheesemelter – Wall Mount
HFT361 36″ Frenchtop – 1 Top Assembly
HFT362 36″ Frenchtop – 2 Top Assembly
HCH36 36″ Charbroiler
HTG36 36″ Griddle – Thermostatic
HMG36 36″ Griddle – Manual
HCB36 36″ Cabinet Base