Restaurant Chains

Hestan works with restaurant chains to deliver exceptionally consistent performance and durable reliability to every location. Modular solutions scale easily to work with various franchise footprints. Special pricing is available for multiple installations. Get A Franchise Quote

Whole Foods

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In addition to produce and groceries, Whole Foods also offers its customers a wide selection of prepared foods. The recipes are consistent across the nationwide chain, but the size of the kitchens is not. Hestan worked with Whole Foods to develop a custom lineup that adapts easily to each location’s layout, while delivering all the performance and features needed to cook everything from pizzas to samosas.


Northstar is a rapidly growing restaurant company known for its exceptional food, responsibly sourced and nutritious ingredients, fantastic design and friendly people. The company operates ten award-winning restaurants, including Northstar Cafe, Third & Hollywood and Brassica. Each is unique, but all are fast-paced, extremely popular restaurants that regularly serve more than 800 guests a day. Hestan Commercial is proud to partner with Northstar to serve its kitchen equipment needs.

Fresh Kitchen

Fresh Kitchen believes in serving fresh, high-quality ingredients that nourish and energize. As a creative, forward-thinking hospitality group, its purpose is to make good food accessible within local communities, in a way that is convenient and affordable. Fresh Kitchen is a 100% gluten-free, re-imagined healthy fast food concept. Equipped with Hestan Commercial in several locations, Fresh Kitchen makes food with purpose.


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