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"It's a pleasure to work with Hestan,
who shares the same vision of modular design,
cleanability, service, hospitality, and innovation.
Hestan gets it, is there for us when we need them,
and above all else, cares to be better each day."
Chef Tracy Chang, Chef/Owner of Pagu


Sealed/Open Burners Owner’s Manual
Char Broiler Owner’s Manual
French Top Owner’s Manual
Hot Top Owner’s Manual
Manual & Thermostatic Griddle Owner’s Manual
Plancha Owner’s Manual
Split Top Owner’s Manual
Standard & Convection Oven Owner’s Manual
Specialty Cooking
Cheesemelter Owner’s Manual
Fryer Owner’s Manual
Pasta Cooker Owner’s Manual
Salamander Owner’s Manual
Salamander Wall Bracket Owner’s Manual
Upright Convection Oven Owner’s Manual
Custom Suites
Cooking Suite Specs
Custom Lineups
Custom Lineup Specs
Freestanding Ranges
Freestanding Ranges Specs
Countertop Units
Countertop Units Specs
Counterheight Unit Specs
Counterheight Units Specs
Sealed Burners Specs
Open Burner Specs
Char Broiler Specs
French Top Specs
Hot Top Specs
Plancha Specs
Split Top Specs
Manual Griddle Specs
Thermostatic Griddle Specs
Standard Oven Specs
Convection Oven Specs
Pass-Through Oven Specs
Cabinet Base Specs
Refrigerated Base Specs
Sauté Station Specs
Specialty Cooking
Cheesemelter Specs
See-Through Ceesemelter Specs
Fryer Specs
Pasta Cooker Specs
Salamander Specs
Upright Convection Oven Specs
Risers/Shelves Specs
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